The Technology is developed by ORS in consultation with Waste Works, Ireland to work successfully on Mixed Urban Waste. DRYAD(TM) has been developed after a thorough R&D effort after considering the characterization of Municipal solid waste in India and validation of operational data through a 12 TPD Pilot Plant on mixed MSW. The flexibility of the DRYAD(TM) technology allows the treatment of a wide range of different feed materials. The bio-gas so generated from the process is used to generate energy & the digested residue is extracted from the digester, dewatered to a TS content of about 50% and stabilized aerobically during a period of approximately one to two weeks. The aerobic maturation ensures complete stabilisation of the material, which cannot be degraded any further under anaerobic conditions. The final product is hygienically very safe and stabilised as per the international standards. The DRYAD(TM) process ensures multiple revenue streams from sale of renewable energy, bio-fertiliser and CERs Credit generated through processing of MSW


  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Vegetable Market Waste
  • Restaurant Waste
  • Farmhouse / Cattle Manure Waste
  • Slaughter House/Tannery Waste
  • Presumed Waste


At ORS, our team of engineers has developed an exhaustive segregation line with certain proprietary & other indigenous equipments to effectively separate re-usable materials (plastics, rubber etc.) and recover maximum organic matter from the mixed city waste.